Middle School Teachers have no shame!

Middle school teachers have to be dorks/nerds and have no shame!
Middle school teachers have to be dorks/nerds and have no shame!

Often, middle school teachers have to put themselves on their students’ levels. Two perfect opportunities to do this at my school are during Spirit Week (Homecoming) and Red Ribbon Week (week before Halloween). During those weeks, I do my best to make a fool of myself, but also, hopefully, increase my “coolness factor,” all the while being dressed up in crazy get-ups like the ones in the picture. I am not embarrassed at all while wearing them! They are a great excuse to take a break from what I usually wear, khakis and polo shirts.

The photos in the collage are from Wacky Wednesday (I tried to break numerous fashion faux pas), Super Hero Day (I am Aggieman/Utah State Superfan), and, of course, Nerd Day (this one is obvious).

I’m thinking about these dress-up weeks right now because this week is Color Week – every day students are encouraged to wear a specific color. Tomorrow is Pink Day and I have been challenged to wear a pink tutu. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

As the picture says, teaching also requires a thick skin and patience, and with those two qualities (and others), we are equipped to do our best to try to make a difference every day and teach students something that will serve them well later on in life.

Here’s to a little bit more patience as the school year winds down!

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