Make it a non-cliche Valentine’s Day this year


Valentine’s Day 2016

Chocolate. Roses. Conversation Hearts. Greeting Cards.

Valentine’s Day is so cliche.

Single Awareness Day was the way I remembered it in college. That was because back then, I NEVER had a Valentine on Valentine’s Day. I did attend a few Single Awareness Day parties, but even the Single Awareness Day ruse got old though. After college, I just started to ignore the holiday completely.

When I finally found my one, true Valentine (my wife, of course), she helped me realize how cliche it is, telling me she didn’t want chocolate or roses on this over-commercialized holiday (For instance, didn’t you, like me, start seeing a lot of hearts around select retail establishments starting in early January?).

My challenge to you this year and every year hence is to make Valentine’s Day non-cliche, but better yet try to make every day like Valentine’s Day, just like Neil Diamond alludes to in his song “You Make it Feel Like Christmas.” Wouldn’t it be nice to treat our valentines as if it was Valentine’s Day all year long?

To do this, one just has to do simple things. I speak specifically to husbands, who have a lot they can do, such as:

  • Send a love note – via email, text, or even by writing one on an actual piece of paper!
  • Give a thoughtful gift for no reason – but make sure it’s not chocolate or flowers!
  • Do some household chores she usually does – fire up the vacuum, put your hands in some dishwater and scrub away, sort and put away some laundry, etc. Doing some chores will certainly put a smile on your wife’s face and make her feel loved.
  • Take the kids so she can have some time alone – she’s with the kids all day so quiet time alone for her is gold!
  • Change some diapers and/or get up with the baby in the middle of the night – giving her a break from smelling the stinky stuff and allowing her some extra sleep will pay some dividends.
  • Take her to a restaurant you’ve never been to together – expanding horizons by trying new food and doing something non-routine is always good. Variety truly is the spice of life.
  • Go and act like a kid without the kids – going to your nearby family fun center is a good way to do that. Acting immature every once in awhile is liberating, right?

Basically, doing anything about of the ordinary is the way to go. Building positive memories together will have a lasting impact. So, please, do your best to NOT have a run-of-the-mill Valentine’s Day this year and when it comes to your marriage, treat EVERY DAY like Valentine’s Day.

I’d love to hear your results of your non-cliche actions on this day love is shown.

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